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Insurance revenue cycle management is one of the most exhausting tasks for a healthcare facility. It has become essential for healthcare institutions to look into their insurance revenue flow as it plays an important role in ensuring sufficient income to keep the facility up and running with 100% insured members in this part of the world. The complexities of the insurance claiming process along with efficiently running the healthcare facility up to the standards of the health authority have left the practitioners in distress.

Appointing ignorant and non-experienced insurance staff may delay or risk no payment at all. Outsourcing remains the cost-effective way to have experienced personnel on your team who look out for your benefit and offer you solutions for any difficulties you may face during the claiming process in the best possible way.

We, at Escrow, make sure that you receive the deserved payment with the least claim denials for your exceptional care given to your insured patients.

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So, let us support your facility in improving your insurance revenue 

system and help towards making your healthcare institution a profitable one.

Medical Billing

Improve your medical insurance claims yield with our customized revenue cycle management solutions. Rest assured the claims are submitted ensuing the protocols with accurate patient demographics, procedure codes & prices.

Pricelist Mapping

Let our certified & professional coding team assist you in framing your facility’s healthcare services pricelist as per the specialties and the latest prevailing Health Authority and TPA/Insurance guidelines and standards based on your facility location and prevailing market price.

Medical Coding

Our certified coders go through each claim to medically code the diagnoses as per AAPC guidelines and validate these diagnoses with the procedure codes to reduce medical necessity denials.


Systematic analysis of RCM data with specifics and interpretation of claimed, paid, denied, resubmitted & pending amounts with their respective percentages as per the need of each facility which facilitates the management in predicting future payments and taking internal development decisions.

Denial Management

Effective denial management procedure to identify the prevailing insurance-wise denials; to investigate the reasons for these denials; implement strategies that involve facility staff and doctors to prevent similar denials in the future.


Reconciliation of remittance advices from the insurance companies with payments received by the facility. Determining the remitted and pending amounts and coordinating with the insurance companies to release these pending payments.